Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2023
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Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2023

“On Saturday at seven in the morning, voting for the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly elections of 2023 got underway. There is a discernible increase in the voting percentage after roughly 15% of votes were cast between 9 and 11 AM. The voting percentage was 68.24% by 5:00 PM.


#VoteKaro: Rajasthan’s 199 Assembly seats are up for election. Voting commenced at 7 AM, and by 11 AM, about 15% of the total votes cast had been registered. By 11 AM, the voting percentage had risen to 24.74%. The voting percentage was 40.27% at 1 PM and 55.64% at 3 PM. Voting went on, and by 5 PM, 68.24% had been cast.

Rajasthan’s hot seats as of 5:00 PM:


Tijara seat: 80.85%

Seat at Hawa Mahal: 70.02%

72.59% in Laxmangarh

Taranagar: 76.5 %

Shiv: 75.26 percent

61.30% in Sardarpura

66.02% in Sawai Madhopur.

North Kota: 67.27%

Tonk: 68.55%

Nagaur: 64.47 percent

Jhalrapatan: 69.1%

68.12% in Vidhyadhar Nagar

67.03% in Kheenvsar

Dholpur: 74.11%

In Rajasthan, voting began at 7 AM. 9.77% of voters had cast ballots by 9 AM, with Baran, Dholpur, and Hanumangarh having the highest voter turnouts (12.97%, 12.66%, and 12.01%, respectively). The momentum persisted throughout the day, as the percentage of voters increased quickly.


The voting percentage was 40.27% at 1 PM and 55.64% at 3 PM. Voting ended at 5 PM, with 68.24% of the total votes cast. Thirteen seats in the Rajasthan Assembly elections are drawing interest.



Sardarpura: Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is running for Congress in this seat against Mahendra Singh Rathore of the BJP. The rivalry is interesting because both are natives who have played important roles in local government.


Jhalrapatan: Ramlal Chauhan of the Congress is running against BJP candidate Vasundhara Raje, a former chief minister. Even if there isn’t much to this contest, Raje’s participation is significant.


Tonk: Ajit Mehta of the BJP is running against former deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot from this area. Major upsets are improbable, but everyone is watching the outcome.


Kota North: Pralhad Gunjal of the BJP, a close friend of former chief minister Vasundhara Raje, and Shanti Dhariwal, a formidable minister for the Congress, are going head-to-head. The fact that Gunjal defeated Dhariwal in the past makes this match more interesting.


Nagaur: There is a serious conflict between Jyoti Mirdha of the BJP and Harendra Mirdha of the Congress. The contest is triangular since Jyoti was previously with the Congress and is currently with the BJP. Complicating matters is the fact that independent candidate Habibur Rahman has served as a legislator for both the Congress and the BJP.


Shiv: There’s a triangle competition going on here. The candidates for the seat are Ameen Khan of the Congress, Swaroop Singh Kharra of the BJP, and Bagga, Jalam Singh Rawalod, and Ravindra Singh Bhati, three independents. Fateh Khan, a member of Ameen Khan’s own party, is a formidable opponent.


Dholpur: Shobharani Kushwaha of the Congress and Shivcharan Kushwaha of the BJP are running for this seat. They are both related, and this time around, they have switched places, which makes it intriguing.


Laxmangarh: BJP candidate Subhash Maharia is running against Congressman Govind Singh Dotasara, the State President. There is a lot of interest in Dotasara’s election campaign, and the rivalry is fascinating.


Vidyadhar Nagar: The BJP has put up MP Diya Kumari, a well-known figure from Jaipur, from this area. Sitaram Agarwal of the Congress, who has been active for the last five years, is the opponent she faces. Given that both are well-known people in the area, the competition is intensifying.


Taranagar: Renowned opposition leader Rajendra Rathore of the BJP is running from this seat after moving from Churu. He is facing up against Churu-born Congressman Narendra Budania. The election contest is drawing interest.

Kheenvsar: This seat is becoming more significant since RLIP coordinator Hanuman Beniwal is emerging as a third force, making it more than just a struggle between the BJP and Congress candidates. Congress has Tejpal Mirdha running, and the BJP has Revatram Danga.


Tijara: Congress has awarded the ticket to Imran Khan, whereas the BJP has nominated MP Baba Balaknath for this constituency. In Rajasthan, this seat is thought to be critical in dividing Hindu and Muslim votes.


Sawai Madhopur: Danesh Abar is the candidate put forth by the Congress, while Kirodilal Meena, a well-known figure, is the candidate fielded by the BJP. The contest is intriguing, particularly with Asha Meena of the BJP emerging as a formidable opponent, having already vanquished Kirodilal Meena.


The outcomes of the Rajasthan elections for some of these important constituencies are eagerly awaited.


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