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Wild Intruder in Delhi: Forest Department’s Heroic Rescue Mission for Stray Leopard at Sainik Farm”

After the leopard was seen at Sainik Farm, a well-known neighborhood in the nation’s capital, panic broke out among the populace. Additionally, residents in the vicinity have been made aware of this. Along with the Delhi Police, Forest Department, and Wildlife teams, a group of RWA-deployed security guards has also arrived at the location. Forty people are assigned to the task of capturing the leopard.


People are reportedly in a panic after witnessing a leopard at a military farm. The military farm’s neighboring forest is now home to the leopard. The Forest Department team has ordered two large nets in try to capture him. Over forty teams are actively searching for and apprehending the leopard. Because everyone could be at risk from the way the leopard approached the area.







According to Subodh, a Forest Department employee, two teams have just arrived, and an inquiry is underway. The observed leopard is a full-size animal, weighing between 80 and 90 kg. Indrapal informed us that we had learned about the leopard early in the day. I ran ahead after noticing that the leopard was running behind me. Teams from the police, forest service, and wildlife have shown up. The leopard has fled into the jungle, and attempts are underway to apprehend it.


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